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Shizzel Hot and Cold Sauces

Indian-Chinese It's the cuisine that will take over the world, people. So you might as well start practising now.
There are only a handful of recipes here, but these are the signature dishes of that strange cuisine, Calcutta-Chinese. Calcutta Chinese restaurant, more like, really, because if ever was a typical 'tourist special' dish, chilli chicken would have to be it. Also, flying in the face of political correctness, this list also includes the few Tibetan dishes I make, because frankly, I can't make enough of Chinese OR Tibetan to warrant separate list. Still, if you're visiting Calcutta and drop in at a standard Chinese or Tibetan restaurant, I think I've got the basic menu pretty well covered:
There are just a modest bunch of formulas here, yet these are the mark dishes of that unusual food, Calcutta-Chinese. Calcutta Chinese restaurant, more like, truly, on the grounds that if at any time was a common 'vacationer unique' dish, and bean stew chicken …